Refund Policy is recognized for delivering excellent assignments at affordable prices. Customer happiness is our priority, and we guarantee to provide top-notch writing services. Nevertheless, we recommend our clients ask for a refund if the customer faces any concerns or issues regarding the work.

We ask all of our guests and clients to read through our refund policy. All Assignment Writings UK promises to reply to refund requests as soon as possible and follows the terms and conditions.

please take a moment to review the terms and conditions listed below before making a refund:

Late Delivery-Order Was Delivered After The Due Date:

We ensure that the order is delivered on time and before the due date. Delivery on time is our priority. However, due to some issues of glitching, there can be a delay in the delivery. If you face such an issue, you can reach out to our customer service team and inquire about it. If the issue of delivery has no serious reason then we have a 100% refund policy.

If your assignment’s deadline is over and the work is now outdated, we will carefully review it and, if the information is shown to be original and unused, will offer a complete refund.

  • Please know that only a percentage of the entire payment will be refundable if you continue to use the custom essay after the deadline and your teacher only deducts minimal marks. Evidence of mark reduction for late submissions must be included when submitting a claim.
  • Your active participation is important because the refund procedure requires collaboration to settle the issue. Any requests for whole or partial refunds will be considered null if our experts’ questions, which are displayed on the student portal interface, are not answered within 12 hours or if insufficient information is provided, leading to missed deadlines.
  • If our writing expert’s incompetence causes a delay, you can be eligible for a refund of 20% to 50% of your order. Since the selected expert has been paid in full upfront, deductions, if any, are made.

Poor Quality Assignment:

Even though our papers always meet up to the high standards we set, we provide a revision option in case they don’t. If you choose a revision and we can fix every mistake, there won’t be any refund. However, the refund claim will be considered valid if any of the following conditions are met.

Even if the document contains 100% plagiarism despite our thorough Turnitin checks, we’ll allow revisions if you can provide credible evidence.

  • If, even with our experienced tutors’ best efforts, the paper does not live up to the client’s expectations, we recommend they take advantage of our free revision and edit services until they are satisfied. Refunds will not be granted if revision is selected after the 20-day period during which unlimited revisions are provided.
  • After revisions, if the client is still not satisfied, our quality-control staff will review the work and decide how much of a refund is reasonable. No refunds are given after the paper has been submitted again.
  • Orders that include draft submissions are the client’s responsibility to evaluate the quality as soon as possible and notify us of any problems. If issues that are mentioned aren’t fixed in the final document and harm the overall quality, refunds will be issued. However, no refund will be given if problems are not brought up immediately and are only brought up later to get a refund.

Expert Is Not Available:

This scenario is unlikely to happen. However, if it happens, then you can order any other assignment of the same cost.

Customers Can Cancel The Order Within A Day:

You can only cancel an order during the first 24 hours of placing. You must continue with the order if the writer has already started working. That being said, you have the option to receive shop credits or a full refund if you cancel within the time frame specified. You can also make an order for any other assignment of the same amount right away.

We Don’t Offer A Specific Grade:

We don’t offer A+ nor guarantee it. We offer high-quality assignments but not a specific grade as the overall grade depends on your whole semester’s performance.

Failed An Assignment:

In the rare case that assignment fails, you have 30 days from the submission date to make a refund policy claim with confirmation of failure. After getting your solution, you have three weeks to submit a real grade sheet and your professor’s comments. We will carefully review the turned-in grading sheet to determine if the failure was due to poor writing or because our reference answer did not meet the assessment’s learning objectives and grading standards.

We will process a refund of between 30% and 50% of your order if our experts are at fault for any faults. In this case, the customer service team’s choice is final. Note that refund requests submitted after 30 days will not be entertained.

Customers are expected to get in contact with the customer service staff as soon as possible to make complaints about refunds. This guarantees that the team can move efficiently. Refund requests should be made within three weeks of the paper’s receipt. Assignment Helpers UK prevents users from cooperating with outside parties, including credit card companies, PayPal, or authorities.

Refund Period:

From the client’s order deadline to the end of the following 30 days, there is a 30-day refund period. Requests for refunds submitted beyond this time frame won’t be taken into account.


At All Assignment Writings UK, charging back is extremely forbidden. We encourage customers to contact our helpful customer service team with any problems. Our systems will consider chargeback activities to be illegal. Also, Assignment Master maintains the right to bring legal action against anyone it believes misuses our services.

Processing and Completion of Refunds Duration: It usually takes at least 48 hours for the Quality Assurance department to analyze an order and provide reports for refund approval. We respectfully ask that clients be patient and enable our team to complete the process.

Refunds are only made if the above terms are satisfied!

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