We recommend our clients read all the sections of policies carefully in all assignment writings help to avoid any mishap in the future. If you don’t agree with any clause of revision stated below, you can cancel your order within 24 hours after placing the order.

If you have completed your assignment from the assignment writers and you’re seeking the revision of your assignment then these clauses of revision policy are there to help you!

Clause 1:

Within 30 days of delivery, completed orders can be requested for revisions. However, approval is based on terms and conditions. The duration of time is extended to sixty days for dissertations and thesis papers.

Clause 2:

Revisions will be completed within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the feedback and the level of difficulty of the revisions. If you require revisions made immediately, please be very clear about it when sending feedback by email or your student portal.

Clause 3:

It should be noted that revisions including new writing and research requirements—such as a different case study, new subject or topic, new software to be used, or additional learning objectives—that were not previously stated at the time of ordering will be considered new work.  Therefore, you will have to pay a fee that follows the extra work the academic writer has to do to meet the new requirements.

Clause 4:

You will get a new pricing quote for the revised assignment if you add extra requirements during the revision. For instance, if you were given an agreed-upon research proposal and, after submitting your work, you wanted to alter the subject of the study, this would be seen as a new assignment.

Clause 5:

For an efficient resolution, we at Assignment Helpers strongly advise our clients to submit their complaints and revision feedback via email or the Assignment Master Student portal.

Clause 6:

Please be aware that All Assignment Writings UK are not responsible for any delays resulting from issues raised through other methods of communication, like live chat and WhatsApp. Assignment Master won’t deal with your request for a revision, for example, if you make it using Live Chat or WhatsApp. For revision-related inquiries, we strongly advise utilizing the Student’s portal or email.

Clause 7:

Be aware that only one set of revision instructions will be taken into consideration at a time. A new revision cycle will be initiated for any further information received after the initial request for revision.

Clause 8:

For communication purposes, customers must be available during the revision time. The assignment Master and the academic experts shall not be held responsible for missing the submission deadline because of an interruption in communication on the student’s side. This includes any delays in responding to the expert’s question.

Clause 9:

For the academic expert to properly make the required alterations, the customer must clearly state what is wrong with the assignment and what has to be changed.

Clause 10:

All Assignment Writings maintain the right to change any current revision policy without providing any notice.

Clause 11:

The assignment master has all rights to reject the revision requests according to these policies.

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